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Antenatal Care

Our experienced doctors provide antenatal care services for the entire duration of your pregnancy in collaboration with your own Obstetrician or any of the local public hospitals such as Fiona Stanley Hospital or Armadale Hospital .

Some of the milestones in your pregnancy that we will assist you with are detailed below :

1st Visit Confirmation of Pregnancy
Initial blood tests including Blood type and Serology
Your first Scan (Dating Scan)
10-14 weeks Visit Optional screening for Down’s Syndrome
Your second scan ( Nuchal translucency)
Additional Blood tests

Listening to your baby’s heart beat at the bedside for the first time

19 weeks visit  Your third scan (Fetal Morphology)
This scan is important in checking your baby’s physical structure
Your doctor will also commence collaboration with your Obstetrician and or local hospital antenatal clinic after this visit.
28 Weeks Visit  Your Sugar test is conducted during this Visit
Generally you will have commenced your hospital visits prior to this clinic attendance
Your Influenza Vaccination and Pertusis Vaccination are usually arranged after this visit.
A summary of the WA antenatal protocol can be obtained here : https://www.kemh.health.wa.gov.au/development/manuals/guidelines/A4_antenatal_shared_care.pdf
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